Final Proof Editing In Progress

Shortly, I should have my PC back up and running after a catastrophic and inconvenient motherboard death two weeks ago. As I wait to get things moving again, I’m going line-by-line through the 215-page behemoth. Things are looking great and the book surprised even me upon seeing it in print. There is a handful of pages without images, both at the end of chapters and in the appendices, all the rest have multiple: screenshots, game covers, concept art, photographs, demo & beta screens, logos, console comparisons, charts and maps. And remember, that covers all 92 games on all 25 different platforms.

I’ll be back with some samples in the coming days – when that PC is back and my triple-monitor layout allows! Until then, here’s a comparison of Game Boy Advance models of Hawk himself, from the second to the seventh game. This image was tweaked before the final version but its intent remains the same. This and so much more in THGD when it launches in just a few days!

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