New Cover – Submitted For Review

Well, this is it! Thanks to Jared Krause, aka “slim”, I have a new cover! I went through the whole lot one final time and submitted it for review. Now the final wait begins: a one-day review, then a week to ship the behemoth to me. Assuming nothing is broken, THGD will be on sale in about a week: I’ll estimate the 22nd of March, give or take a day.

Having this extra time to work on things, I’ve added a few new pictures and included info about THPS5. The servers for the game turned off a few months back but recently it was on sale for the PS4. A number of people purchased the title only to realize the online-only infrastructure didn’t work well without servers!!! The simple solution is to pull the plug or disconnect from the Internet. However, a vast number of people didn’t know this. After some public outcry, it seems like it’s been pulled from the PSN. Yeah, doesn’t look like you can get it for the PS3 or the PS4 any more. Well, of course, this needed to be in the book, so I’m glad I had a few extra days to include info on that.

OK, long-winded post today. Just know that we’re in the final stretch! I’m so stoked to unleash this book.

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