Release Date? When???

The promise of the 22nd of March has come and gone with only the header to this site suggesting otherwise. While I’m 99% ready to pull the trigger, I’m waiting on my final copy to arrive. Everything is proof-read, updated, arranged and sorted. However, I refuse to put it on sale without making sure it looks sexy. I was really hoping the book would arrive last week, but the days are passing and my shipment has yet to land. It’s frustrating – but the day is approaching.

In the meantime, just some quick trivia. The Nintendo64 housed three different Hawk games, two from Neversoft and one from Shaba. All three were ported by the Texas-based Edge Of Reality and initial American versions were issued on colored cartridges as seen below. In addition, a manufacturing issue with THPS meant that later revisions carried the European moniker: Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding, despite the label stating otherwise. The N64 iteration of the first game remains the version to play for speedrunners due to its higher frame rate. Plenty more info inside!

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