THGD: On Sale Any Time Now

THUG Display – E3 2003

With the final copy in hand, the final review approved, everything is done – and set to go. Now I wait for Amazon to make the book available for purchase. The final retail price for the book is $39.99 – so don’t pay a cent more than that. It seems the book is actually available at a marked-up price. I will be updating this site, and all social media pages with the final sale link once it goes live.

Now with the good news out of the way, the bad news is that I’m struggling to find an e-book format that suits my needs. This means there will be a delay of the Kindle edition as I sort out those kinks. Until then, please be patient. Today’s share is a photo I took back at 2003’s E3. This was one of several displays with the graffiti theme that ran throughout. I have several other E3 photographs from the same era in the book. I attended four straight years (02-05), one with a busted ankle! I got that cast signed by Hawk himself, of course, but that’s a different story entirely.

Tl;dr – The book will be on sale today, if all goes according to plan!

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