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Tony Hawk’s Gaming Domination: The Rise and Fall of the Hawk Gaming Franchise – Available to Buy Now!

What is it?

Since its inception in 1999, the Tony Hawk series of games has sold over 40 million copies making it the third best-selling sports franchise ever. This is the story of every version of every game: from the multi-million selling THPS to the universally-panned THPS5 16 years later. Written by the founder of the world’s first Hawk gaming site, this book contains more than 1,000 images and screenshots along with exclusive interviews, beta and console comparisons, developer bios and more. It houses everything you could possibly want to know about the magnificent rise and ultimate demise of the Tony Hawk videogame legacy.

Where can I buy it?

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The 214-page book is Now Available For Purchase!

America: $30.79
UK: £28.26
France: €33.92
Italy: €33.44
Spain: €33.44
Germany: €34.41
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Also available as a PDF for $9.99


What do you get?

And if you want more of an overview, here is a short flip-through of the book. It gives a great idea as to what to expect.