Tony Hawk’s Gaming Domination: Now On Sale!!!

After 13 months – it’s finally live! The 214-page book is now available for purchase! I’ve done an updated flip-through of the book for those on the fence. It covers just about everything and should give an idea of what to expect. I’m excited for people to get their hands on this behemoth of a book and hope it brings joy to those who love the Hawk series of games. I’ll work on getting some samples in the coming days – but for now, enjoy the flip-through!

THGD: On Sale Any Time Now

THUG Display – E3 2003

With the final copy in hand, the final review approved, everything is done – and set to go. Now I wait for Amazon to make the book available for purchase. The final retail price for the book is $39.99 – so don’t pay a cent more than that. It seems the book is actually available at a marked-up price. I will be updating this site, and all social media pages with the final sale link once it goes live.

Now with the good news out of the way, the bad news is that I’m struggling to find an e-book format that suits my needs. This means there will be a delay of the Kindle edition as I sort out those kinks. Until then, please be patient. Today’s share is a photo I took back at 2003’s E3. This was one of several displays with the graffiti theme that ran throughout. I have several other E3 photographs from the same era in the book. I attended four straight years (02-05), one with a busted ankle! I got that cast signed by Hawk himself, of course, but that’s a different story entirely.

Tl;dr – The book will be on sale today, if all goes according to plan!

Release Date? When???

The promise of the 22nd of March has come and gone with only the header to this site suggesting otherwise. While I’m 99% ready to pull the trigger, I’m waiting on my final copy to arrive. Everything is proof-read, updated, arranged and sorted. However, I refuse to put it on sale without making sure it looks sexy. I was really hoping the book would arrive last week, but the days are passing and my shipment has yet to land. It’s frustrating – but the day is approaching.

In the meantime, just some quick trivia. The Nintendo64 housed three different Hawk games, two from Neversoft and one from Shaba. All three were ported by the Texas-based Edge Of Reality and initial American versions were issued on colored cartridges as seen below. In addition, a manufacturing issue with THPS meant that later revisions carried the European moniker: Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding, despite the label stating otherwise. The N64 iteration of the first game remains the version to play for speedrunners due to its higher frame rate. Plenty more info inside!

Editing Done – Final Proof Time!

My final edits appear to be done – and it’s time to order a new proof. I’d certainly love to have this available for purchase, but not until I have a look at it. Since changing things around, I want to ensure it’s 100% to my liking before you can get your grubby mitts on this beast.

Once again, we’re looking at 212 pages and my final count was about 1,400 images and screenshots. I’m so psyched to have this available. So, for your patience, here’s another comparison shot – this time it’s is the Hoffman Factory – both from THPS2 and MHPBMX. Sorry for the long delay, but in the coming days I’ll be able to update this site and get the rest of social media going. Enjoy!

(final images are without text headers)

Proof Version Preview Flip Through

Before I marked up the entire book in red, fixing typos and formatting issues, I took a quick video. I flipped through the entire 214 behemoth to give an idea of the size of the book and the sheer number of images included. It’s enough to see it all, but not sufficient to see as much as you’d like. Oh what a tease! Check it out!

I endeavor to have this available to buy around the 10th of March.

Final Proof Editing In Progress

Shortly, I should have my PC back up and running after a catastrophic and inconvenient motherboard death two weeks ago. As I wait to get things moving again, I’m going line-by-line through the 215-page behemoth. Things are looking great and the book surprised even me upon seeing it in print. There is a handful of pages without images, both at the end of chapters and in the appendices, all the rest have multiple: screenshots, game covers, concept art, photographs, demo & beta screens, logos, console comparisons, charts and maps. And remember, that covers all 92 games on all 25 different platforms.

I’ll be back with some samples in the coming days – when that PC is back and my triple-monitor layout allows! Until then, here’s a comparison of Game Boy Advance models of Hawk himself, from the second to the seventh game. This image was tweaked before the final version but its intent remains the same. This and so much more in THGD when it launches in just a few days!