Book Samples

Here are a few glimpses of what to expect in the 214-page book!

THPS2 Game Boy Color

THPS3 Skaters








PS2 vs PS1 Comparison (THPS4)

THShred Overview

Pro Bios – 1 of 20 Appendix Pages









Every chapter begins with an overview followed by details on each specific release. In the case of ports or similar games, comparison images are shown, like that of THPS4 above. The chapter concludes with a full soundtrack listing, level details and a full-page spread of skaters found in the title. The book ends with 11 pages of exclusive interviews and 20 pages of appendices covering pro and hidden skaters, levels, developer and publisher bios, a full logo gallery and another on every Hawk skater model. Why keep reading this? Buy the book now!